You may ask, what is wrong with a knockoff, they are affordable and they are everywhere online on sale at discount prices. The answer is that replica bags, also referred to by the replica trade as fakes, knockoffs, imitations, inspired by, or copies, are illegal products. The production, distribution, promotion and sales of replicas are against many laws governing trademarks and anti-counterfeiting laws.

Unscrupulous networks of criminal entities often conspire to lead consumers to believe that it is ok to purchase fake bags, watches and sunglasses. But it is not ok to purchase knockoff designer bags. Replica traffickers take advantage of the innovation, exclusive designs and accomplishment of CHANEL and usurp rights that they are not entitled to for quick cash. The profits made from replica sales are often routed through networks of criminal enterprises which have been associated with many crimes, in addition to the trademark and counterfeiting crimes. These other crimes include identity theft, tax evasion, bank fraud, postal fraud, immigration infractions, child labor, human trafficking, gang activity, and terrorism. Buying a knockoff bag will more than likely be responsible for income to terrorist cells.

Furthermore, a consumer who uses a credit card as payment for a replica is actually giving up sensitive personal and financial information to criminal operations which exist strictly to commit crimes for profit. Once personal and financial information is submitted to a criminal operation, one can only imagine where it might end up.

Rethinking and reconsidering how we shop online can make a world of difference, to personal security and public safety. Taking actions to counteract the illicit activities of criminal organizations is the best option. By foregoing online replica shops and seeking only the genuine will help to change the world for the better.

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